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4 Reasons Customized Industrial Photography Is More Powerful Than Stock


Professional photography has rapidly progressed since the days of dark room development. New technology has enhanced the overall process and changed the way photographers do business. The combined force of digital photography with the Internet has increased the presence of stock photography agencies but stock photos are more likely to weaken your brand than strengthen it. The best way to communicate the unique qualities of your business is with powerful images that grab attention and stand out from the rest.


In your house, you want to frame a picture of your children, not the picture of the children the frame came with. Marketing your company with unique images is a good way to personalize your message, humanize your brand and connect with your audience.

Here are  4 main reasons to use customized industrial photography over stock images to make a bigger impact on your audience

  1. Today’s marketplace is extremely competitive and overloaded with images. When you choose a stock image you run the risk of using the same picture that your competitor has chosen. How does this separate you from your competition?
  2. Professional photographers aim to portray the most real life aspects of your business. Rather than choosing a picture of a model that is striking a pose that’s been done a thousand times, a photographer will understand your vision and bring the uniqueness of your company to life.
  3. Stock photography isn’t made specifically for your product but for a very large category of products. They try to reach a bigger number of buyers, but these images are not unique or custom made for your product and service. Pictures make the first impression so it’s best to expose the true character and soul of your company on your website and marketing materials.
  4. The emergence of online social communities has paved a path toward honest and open dialogue between brands and their audience. Websites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram have turned us into a visual society. For example, 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day. How does this effect your business? People are over exposed to pictures like never before and this raises the bar to produce images that stick in the viewer’s mind. You must embrace professional visual literacy and break through the picture clutter with powerful and vivid images.

Stock photography is generic are far from one-of-a-kind.

How many times have you left your dentist office with a free tooth brush and a tri-fold brochure covered with a bright sparkling smile? The market is saturated with these inexpensive images and they lose their significance every time they are published. The effective way to engage your clients is by showcasing the face of your company to reveal the truth. Use photos of your offices, employees and your services in action. Clients love to recognize people because it gives the sense of reality.

Photography is meant to tell something real about people and businesses, it’s not an industrial product. Indeed stock photography might seam appealing to small businesses because it’s cheap but it’s never powerful.

Your product is unique and your photographs must reflect what your brand represents. Next time your marketing efforts face a tight budget and are strapped for time you may find yourself browsing stock images and become intrigued by the quality and quantity. It is a deceiving platform because although you may find that perfect photo you had in mind, you run the risk of shrinking your brand image.

Photographs translate the technical language of your engineering and marketing team by producing powerful visual images designed to educate, communicate and expand your brand in every online and offline channel.