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5 Things To Consider When You Hire An Industrial Photographer

How To Plan An Industrial Photography Photo Shoot For Your Business

Once you realize it’s time to increase the wow factor of your business the next step is to consider how to go about making it happen. That’s what this post is all about.

I’ve been doing professional industrial photography for 20 years now and I’ve developed a systematic approach to help clients get the most out of every photoshoot. Whether you are across the country or somewhere in the midwest, this guide will help you plan to get the most from our collaboration.


Where To Start?

Photographers are quite nomadic. One day I can be on set in Indianapolis and the next day I’m setting up lights in my studio but I am easy to reach and you can contact me however you’d like. Whether it’s through phone, email or social media I’ll be quick to get back to your request.

How To Start?

I understand that the scope of your project can vary in size and I am flexible enough to meet the requirements of any project type. Upon the initial contact please give me the following brief information to help me to do some background research before moving forward.

  • Company name
  • Location of photo shoot
  • What is your company website
  • The best way to reply

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a conference call or an in person meeting. In our meeting we will discuss topics from the size of your company to the amount of employees involved in the future photoshoot. I need to learn as much as possible about your company in order to gauge the type of photography that will best represent your business.

After the first meeting you will receive a quoted price and a detailed description of the project.

Lights, camera, action.

Every shoot is different but some things remain consistent and certain procedures should always be followed.


Here are ways a factory, mine or construction site should plan for the shoot

  • Ensure that all employees being photographed are dressed normal without torn or grimy garments. Shirts without graphics are preferred.
  • If managers are to be photographed I suggest they wear hard hats and safety glasses with their dress clothes.
  • A visit to the location of the photoshoot is ideal but not mandatory.
  • I ask that machinery is cleaned and for there to be no debris, oil or grease marks present.
  • Touchup painting of equipment, implements and machines prior to day of shoot.
  • A pre-production shoot of the locations to be photographed helps to identify what preparation needs to be done. This is an important step to every photoshoot and it saves us a lot of time and reduces error. I create a short list and production schedule that must be strictly followed. For example, I may plan on natural light for a certain scene at 2:00pm sharp. My schedule reminds me which shots to get, when and where.

That’s A Wrap.

I’m not satisfied if you’re not satisfied. Immediately following the photoshoot and onsite, I like to view the images with the client to confirm that I captured everything they need.

During my post production process I filter through all of the images and segment them into two categories; the for selection and the outtakes. Once the selections have been made I optimize them and deliver the finished product on average, within a week.

In The Case of a Re-schedule?

I don’t have a straightforward policy for cancellations or rescheduling a photoshoot. These depend on multiple factors such as bad weather, unexpected situations and late notice cancellations.

For the most part, local photoshoots within the midwest can be rescheduled rather easily. If I arrive on site and a 4-hour thunderstorm rolls in, we’ll call a rain check. On the other hand, if a plane ticket and lodging were required for the shoot, we may have to make the best of the situation to stay on budget.

For all general cancellations, please provide at least a 7 days notice.

I look forward to hear from you to take on the opportunity to capture everything your company stands for.



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